Theatres Olivier Py

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 
20,21,22  May 15  at 21:00

Actor, singer, director, writer, poet, Olivier Py is one of the most enlightened representatives of the french theatre and dramaturgy. Not hesitating to declare his Catholic faith and his homosexuality, Olivier Py, creates a dramatic universe based on a dense poetic language. Theatre, in Py’s universe is a church where the audience can find new meaning in a world devoid of values.

Theatres is one of the first plays of Olivier Py with autobiographical elements. This text has twelve chapters, like a personal diary. The first scene starts with an act of violence. A young man is stubbed on the road, with a knife. As he dies, he remembers, the most crucial moments of his life, he recalls his wounds, those wounds that led him to the creative path of writing.

Olivier Py with french and algerian roots, speaks about violence from many different aspects: From the dark side of colonialism of the Algerian war to homophobia and street violence in the big cities and in families. Olivier Py tries to give some answers to young people and children, who live with no orientation in a world without ethics. Those young people could find new meaning in this world through creation, through theatre. Theatre brings catharsis. Theatre can heal the wounds.

Theatres is a declaration against bloody power. You have to choose sides.It’s better to be a victim than a victimizer, better to be tortured than be a torturer, writes Olivier PY, even if you have to offer your wounds at the altar of stupidity and human brutality.