The diary of a dog

The digital narration will be available on the page from February 10 until March 31. Instead of buying a ticket, the spectators can make a donation to he non-profit organisation for the protection of stray animals in Greece under the name “Dogs‘ Voice ”at the following link: 

The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture.

An audiovisual narration by Violet Louise, about a woman searching in the internet for traces of her dog who passed away: Pictures from places she traveled, videos, music, photos, data from the internet compose her digital diary. From the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 until today, we follow the journey of this woman, in a world that stands between dream and reality. With the use of technology, computers, analog and digital musical instruments, she sets up a time-capsule-like mechanism and revives memories and  stories of her past.

In a world that changes dramatically, everyday life seems less painful, through the love between man and animal. A dog’s diary is the diary of a woman who renegotiates her losses.


Direction, dramaturgy, music, original text, narration, songwriting: Violet Louise

Narration (in the role of mother): Aglaia Pappas

Photography, camera,montage video editing, and multimedia programming: Vassilis Kountouris (Studio19st)

Sound design, recordings, sound mixing, video, montage: Violet Louise

Sound Recording, Mastering: Konstantinos Bokos (Studio19st)

Teem in technical production: T.P.T. (The Perfect Team)

Press :  Evaggelia Skrobola

Violet Louise © 2020

In the narration, we hear passages from poems by Giannis Ritsos, Georgios Souris, Nikos Karouzos, Konstantinos Cavafis, George Seferis . The text for the Operation PANTHIRAS is from  the book by Dimitris Konstantinidis (Operation Panther – The Germans invade and set fire to Pindos.)