The Diary of a dog

The diary of a dog ia an audiovisual narration by Violet Louise. The main character of this narration is a woman who searches in the internet, traces of Milou, her dog which recently passed away. Pictures and videos from places they ‘ve travelled, photos, sounds, compose her digital diary.

From the ceremony of Olympics Games in 2004 in Athens till 2021, a cymbolic year for Greece, as it marks 200 years of freedom for the Greek State, a personal journey comes to an end.

Facing the great changes, man stands alone, between present and a future which is uncertain. Loneliness and despair, seem more painless than they really are, through the relationship between man and dog. The Diary of a dog , is the diary of a woman who renegotiates her losses.

The project is sponsored by Greek Ministry of Culture.


Direction, music, video, montage, text, narration: Violet Louise

Narration (mother) : Αglaia Pappas

Camera, video, photos, montage, audio and video palyback system: Vasilis Koudouris (Studio19)

Mastering: Kostandinos Bokos ( Studio 19)

Thanks to Lee Burton for his assistance to the production of songs Somaeday & River