Strange Tales – Athens & Epidaurus Festival – Festival Vie – Festival Delle Colline Torinesi

Violet Louise, presented for the Athens Festival 2018, the multimedia performance Strange Tales based on stories and poems by Edgar Alan Poe. Strange Tales was also presented at Vie Festival and Festival Delle Colline Torinesi, in March and june 2019, in Italy.

Devices that produce sound, light and video, give the atmosphere of an audiovisual laboratory and create an organic environment for the spectators.

Strange Tales is a story about the mystery of life and death. Violet Louise wrote a whole new story based on a synthesis of Poe’s short stories, poems, letters, and essays.

A young girl visits a woman in a wheel chair and transforms her room into a laboratory of memories. With the use of technology (sound, light & visuals), the girl acts like a hypnotist. The woman starts to recall her past. Travelling back and forth in time, she prepares herself for the last journey, towards the Light of the Eternal Life.

Direction -Translation -Music -Visual & sound dramaturgy: Violet Louise
Peformers: Aglaia Pappa, Violet Louise
Sound design : Kostas Bokos (Studio19)
Lighting design: Sakis Birbilis
Video: Vasilis Kountouris (Studio 19)
Costume design: Lilian Xydia
Camera work: Blaec Cinematography (Aris Pavlidis),Studio19 (Vasilis Kountouris)

Greek Reviews

 G.Sarigiannis/ 4th bell : Violet Louise, manages to express the world of the American poet ideally. Aglaia Pappas is an actress with marvelous technique: impressive. Her chemistry with Violet Louise, who sings songs with Poe’s original poems in English leads to a performance not just fruitful but superb.

Tospirto:. “Strange Stories” gave “flesh and bones” in Poe’s poetry.

Leandros Polenakis/Avgi:  An interactive myth drama, combining theater, concert and visual installation, with the actors acting as narrators, sometimes as rhapsodists, …… that opened for all of us the door to imagination….

Italian Reviews

 Τeatrodamstorino /Ada Turco : The artistic skills of Violet Louise and her expertise in the field of live music and multimedia, are undoubted. A show with great expressive potential to be seen, fruit of the mind of an artist of which it will undoubtedly be worth follow the future path.

Teatrionline/Erica di Bennardo :

Α performance studied in detail, a complex but perfectly linear multimedia mechanism, the scenic return of a considerable part of the immense legacy. Despite the show being in Greek, there is no difficulty in understanding the profound meaning of the plot and not just trivially because of the Italian and English surtitles.

Κrapp’s last post/Matteo Tamborrino : The performance, born within the Athens and Epidaurus 2018 Festival, recovers and assembles fragments extracted by Edgar Allan Poe, in a nagging, nightmare dimension, followed by fine light effects, audiovisual projections and mysterious sounds.