Letters to Little Girls

Violet Louise : Direction, Sound design, Visuals

Letters to Little Girls is a musical performance, based on Lewis Carroll’s letters to his juvenile friends. Lewis Carroll was a charismatic  personality. He was a writer of children’s literature, a mathematician at Christ Church College and one of the first ever photographers. There are many questions concerning his sexual preferences.

He was accused as being a peadophile, although there was never any proof of such accusations.It all started with the disappearance of three volumes of his personal diaries which gave rise to such kind of speculations. The performance attempts through Lewis Carroll’s work on one hand to show the hypocrisy of the Victorian era and on the other hand, to make a comment for todays ethics. Rules change from time to time. So the crucial question is who makes the rules ?

Who decides what is perversion, abnormal behaviour which has to be punished? How important is the when committing a crime and who decides for the punishment ? First the verdict, then the sentence, writes Lewis Carroll, in Alice in Wonderland. It shouldn’t be this way, says Alice, furious. Finally, was the writer of Alice a peadophile, or not? That still remains anunsolved mystery.

In this project there are two performers on stage, (one actor-musician and one sound engineer) who are surrounded by a modern sound system. Two microphones, one looper,two computers, a keyboard, two to six speakers on stage, prerecorded music andlive sound processing are the main elements of this show. The lyrics ofthe songs performed live, are written by the author himself. The visual part of the show, are Lewis Carroll’s black and white photographs of the little girls,displayed by an overhead projector on a white surface. During the show, the performer putsvarious small objects on the photos (alphabet letters, baby shoes, stickers).

With a few gadgets , through a minimalistic approach, we are transferred  in Lewis Carroll’s magical laboratory of memories, emotions, images and sounds. The basic concept of this audiovisual system is based on natural sound sources (musical instruments, voices, etc.) and speakers which create audio Spots. The creative use of technology combined with psychoacoustic experience, are vital elements of this performance.

Concept – Direction – Music – Sound Design : Violet Louise
Assistant Director – Collaborator in Μovement : Pauline Huguet
Collaborator in Μovement: Xara Kotsali

Audio Engineering – Sound Design assistance:  Aris Pavlidis