Joan of Arc

Direction, Music : Violet Louise

Interactive multimedia performance, based on life and f the trial of Joan of Arc, with the use of visuals and sound at M. Cacoyiannis Foundation.

Violet Louise and her creative team open again the trial of John of Arc. Experimenting with light, visuals and sound, they give life to a modern version of the story of the young peasant from Ntomremy who saved the early 15th century France from the English invasion.

Joan represents the new forces which come against the old ones. The Catholic Church, the Inquisition, the Feudalism. It was the historical circumstances that helped Joan to fulfil her vision. The  new idea of nation is born, leading people out of the Middle Ages, to the new world.

The world is not ready to accept saints nor ideologists. But these irrational people, are the ones who have the power to change history. Finally, let’s think over of what do we mean when use the word Middle Ages. If it comes to our mind, a dark period for humanity, then what do we think about the “humanised and civilized” 21st century

Direction, Music, Optical, dramaturgy, text: Violet Louise

Creative team : Panagiotis Garbis, Nick Levantis, Lilian Xydia, Louisa Kostoula Vassilis Kountouris Costas Bokos Thomas Economacos Makis Faros, Aris Pavlidis

Photos Aris Pavlidis




Original music from the perfomance Joan of Arc by Violet Louise