The Trojan Women

Direction, Music, Visuals : Louisa Kostoula (Violet Louise)

The “Trojan Women” is a multimedia narration on the greek playwright of Euripides translated by  famous greek director Michael Cacoyiannis.

Speech in ancient Greek drama is a wide field of research. Through repeated patterns of scenes and sub-units, Euripides text is a suitable area for a creative team to work on the idea of montage and music concrete. Songs and episodes distinguished partly by the meters raise the emotional level. Our aim was to expand the dramatic illusion using environmental sounds and videos, still or moving images of what we feel or call one’s homeland.

A last goodbye to the beloved, memories of what’s left behind. A performance based on the rhythm and the musicality of words, creating environmental soundscapes, through a mixed system of live and prerecorded processing, on sound and visuals. The result is a multimeda narration with the use of techniques associated with cinematographic practices.

Spectators are sitting inside an area of 4 speakers. The idea of the sound is based on the acousmatics, meaning that somebody can hear the sound without seeing the causes behind it. These speakers act as extra performers, creating interaction with the three performers on stage. The sound and multimedia narration follows a score. The conductors are one of the performers on stage and a sound engineer who controls the whole system, positioned in the area of the performance The Troyan Women, based on Euripides text ls a storytelling with pitches, patterns, modes, forward motions and memories.

Direction, Music, Visuals : Violet Louise (Louisa Kostoula)
Performers : Aglaia Papa, Panagiotis Garbis, Louisa Kostoula
Visual Engineering : Vasilis Kountouris (Studio 19st)
Sound Engineering : Kostas Mpokos (Studio 19st)
Director’s assistant: Elina Mantidi
Costumes: Lilian Xydia