2020 The diary of a Dog Digital narration sponsored by Ministry of Culturedirection, music, video, narration, sound & video dramaturgy
2020The Trojan Women, by Euripides
sponsored by Ministry of Culture
Castle of Pylos
Archaelogical Museum of Olympia
Roman Conservatory of Nikopolis
Archaelogical Site of Delphi
Archaelogical Museum of Eretria
direction, music, visuals, performing
2020 The SwanAggelon Vima Theatreoriginal music & sound dramaturgy
2019 Strange TalesFestival Dimitria direction, translation, music, sound, video & sound dramaturgy
2019HimmelwegAthens FestivalOriginal music,music editing, sound design
2019Strange TalesFestival Delle Cooline Torinesi, Teatro Ragazi, Turin, Ιtalydirection, translation, music, sound, video & sound dramaturgy
2019Strange TalesFestival Vie/Εmilia Romagna, Teatro Delle Passioni, Modena Ιταλυdirection, translation, music, sound, video & sound dramaturgy
2019Maya DerenLet me know FestivalMusic for Maya's Deren two short movies Witch's Cradle and At Land

Strange TalesAthens & Epidaurus Festivaldirection, translation, music, sound, video & sound dramaturgy
2017Station to stationM.Cacoyiannis Foundationmusic
2017The words on animalsFrench Institute of Athenstranslation, music, sound, performing
2017The only worldTheatre Vrysakimusic, sound engineering
2017AugustBios, M.Cacoyiannis Foundationdirection, muisc, sound synthesis, performing
2017Joan of ArcM.Cacoyiannis Foundationdirection, music, performing
2016The Trojan Women, by Euripides Archaeological museum of Olympia & M.Cacoyiannis Foundationdirection, music, visuals, performing
2015Theatres by Olivier PyFestival of French Institution Athens & M.Cacoyiannis Foundationdirection, sound engineering and sound synthesis, music, visuals
2014BBC BasementsM.Cacoyiannis Foundation & Festival Aisxylia direction, live sound engineering and sound synthesis,performing, text
2013Letters to little girls by Lewis CarrolTheseum Theatre, Apo Mihanis Theatre & Festival Aisxylia direction, music, live sound engineering and sound synthesis performing, visuals
2013Reichdirector Thomas Diafas, Kinitiras Studiomusic
2012Midnight Summer Dreamdirection Μ.Marmarinos, National Theatre of Greecemusic
2011The ForestBios & KET direction, live sound engineering and sound synthesis,performing, music, text
2011Eating on the floorCD Compilationmediterranean voyage, music compilation
2010Τhe Asphalt kiss by Nelson RodriguezExarcheia Theatreactress
2010Cardinals & LoversAudio CDalbum, digital release
2010Kassandra and the woolf by Margarita KarapanouNeos Kosmos Theatreperformer,composer
2009In my dreams I am a woolf, by Elena PengaΝational Theatre of Greeceactress
2008Ticket to the stars Coca Cola Soundwave music compilation / cd
2008Love to Love Klik Recordsmusic compilation / cd
2006Versus by Christos Streaks director Dimitris Tibilis, Experimental Scene of National Theatre of Greeceactress
2005Downfall of the Egotist Johann Fatzer by B.Brechtdirector T.Tzamargias, Theatre Epi Kolonoactress
2004Ιron by Rona Munro direction Ε.Papakonstantinou, Simple Theatresound engineering, director’s assistant
2003Χ & Z at the land of nothingAlekton Theatredirection, music, text
2002Texts for nothing by Samuel Beckett direction M.Papadimitriou, Alekton Theatreperformer, composer