VLouise_portait2iolet Louise (Louiza Kostoula), is a stage director, musician, vocalist and multimedia artist whose research is on the field of multimedia narration. Electronic music and sounds is the starting point for her inspiration. She is influenced by pioneer composers of music concrete and performs solo, or directs small to mediums scale performances with performers, dancers,  musicians.

She constructs real time her multimedia environment, producing soundscapes, narrating or playing musical instruments, midi devices, cameras, videos. Violet Louise looks at human’s behaviour, theories of evolution, social issues as if holding a magnifying glass.

Education – Past Experience : She studied piano and harmony at the National Conservatory of Athens and took  her diploma in performing arts by the Greek Ministry of Culture. She worked as a performer and musician at the National Theatre of Greece, the Experimental Stage of National Theatre of Greece, the Athens Festival and has cooperated with established  Greek directors, performing  in major musical and theatrical festivals of Greece. She also writes music for theatres.

Personal Projects: Since 2012 Violet Louise Violet Louise started experimenting on the field of the of multimedia narration. Inspired by the technique of montage, using visual art in a unique way, she constructs every individual part of her productions (music, sound, visuals, scenery) to form an organic hole. She also released a musical project, including ten songs, entitled Cardinals & Lovers, performed live in many festivals and musical halls in Athens (Six Dogs, Bios, Ianos, K44, and Booze). Two songs from this album were part of the soundtrack of the theatrical performance Midsummer Night’s Dream (National Theatre of Greece, M. Marmarinos).

Personal Projects