BBC Basements

February 2014

Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Black Box Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Inspired by life and work of Delia Derbishyre , composer of electronic music, Violet Louise ( Louisa Kostoula ) , presents the musical performance BBC Basements .

Pioneer of electronic analog music and musique concrete, Delia Derbishyre, was one of the first members of BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. For a decade she composed music and sounds for about two hundred radio and television programmes and of course the legendary musical theme of the famous science fiction series , “Doctor Who”. The composer Ron Grainer suggested that Delia should be also a co – composer for the music of Doctor Who, but BBC refused to give her the rights of the music. The reason was that Delia was hired from BBC as a sound engineer.

Delia Derbyshire worked with avant gard composers and popular artists of the pop music industry (Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Yoko Ono). In 1973 Delia,disappointed , considering that her work had never been recognized, she left BBC. In 2000 Peter Kemper, musician of a younger generation, persuades her to write music again. Unfortunately, she did’t make it.She died from liver cancer due to her long-term alcoholism.

Ahead of her time, Delia, was a great inspiration ,for musicians of the contemporary electronic scene.

Direction, Music: Louisa Kostoula (Violet Louise)
Actors – Musicians: Panagiotis Garbis, Louisa Kostoula
Video: Vasilis Kountouris (Studio 19st)
Sound Design: Aris Pavlidis- Vasilis Kountouris – Louisa Kostoula
Sound: Aris Pavlidis
Construction DIY Music – audio devices MoCm: Andreas Monopolis
Art Director: Makis Faros
Costume: Lilian Xydia
Movement: Pauline Huguet
Lights: Thomas Oikonomakos
Communication: Mania Zousi

Thanks for their valuable assistance: Theodora Capralos, Konstantina Takalou Gianna Brown and Penelope Flouri.

Supported by Aeschylia Festival