Premiere November 10th
Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation

Violet Louise, presents at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, the multimedia performance August , based on a collection of poems by the greek poet and philosopher Giorgos Veltsos.

A woman returns to the past, in a house next to the sea. Photos, holiday memories, shells, a dead fish, make up the album of her personal memories.

A multimedia narration, a  film, a music concert, about life, memory, loss of self, loss of others.

Drawings from the Greek seabed, recorded sounds of sea and seagulls, starfish and corals in water, is the personal look of Violet Louise, who composes the poetic world of Giorgos Veltos on stage.

And poetry? Perhaps  the only answer to the  agony of existence. “At the end of this day, the great icebreaker of Silence invades in my room, from the window of the North . It breaks the heat. My own trip to the room. My ascending from my papers to the night before I go to meet his face. August  in Mykonos. My August?  “